How Startup Founders and Product Managers Leverage the Most Out of Mobile App Notifications

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For startup founders and product managers, app notification revolution is promising a bright future where notification content will remain at center and become a gateway for further app usages. The current post is giving useful hints to leverage most out of mobile app notifications.


Unlike other computing devices, mobiles like smartphones and tablets have a distinct advantage that they stick with the body of users almost all the times during day and night, particularly smartphones are now in-thing. The entire enterprise mobile app developers team to work together and deliver great experiences to their customers.

Nearly 89% customers across the USA and world are using mobile apps for their media consumptions and purchasing as well. Moreover, people are mobile addict and nearly 90% smartphone holders keep device close even during night sleeps.

For the marketers, founders, and product managers, it holds much significance than we assume. They see immense opportunities of marketing through mobile devices and particularly through apps. They see a handy and highly efficient tool in due course, and it is mobile push notification feature or abilities.

The latest mobile devices and OS can handle this instant messaging and alerts delivering features beautifully by supporting a variety of options and technologies to heighten user experiences besides usability and performance.

What is App Notification?

It is a server (connected to the app) notification delivers a piece of information from the app to mobile device.

Modes of Display of App Notifications

They used to display in three forms:

  1. Badges of app
  2. Banners/ text alerts
  3. Vibration or sound alerts

Advantages of App Notifications

There are many to list, but mains are:

  • Faster than any form of intimate the users instantly. For instance, email message where users have to go to email app and open the email to get a message while notification has a popup floating on the top of UI and provide instant access to the message.
  • Notifications have abilities to grab the instant attention of users so help in driving traffic.
  • The latest offerings from iOS and Android both for interactive notification feature assures high user engagements.
  • A different form of app notifications and subtle, but gentle ways of obtaining permissions and delivering notifications proved conversion is
  • App notifications have high adoption and acceptance rate because they are easy to manage, user-friendly, and highly effective to achieve intended goals.

App Notifications in Coming Days

Due to burgeoning amount of apps on a mobile home screen, users feel confusion in opening individual apps through home screen icons. In due course, recent development in notification technologies to create gradually fading/disappearing notification popup/floating module have placed notification content at center and pushed apps in the background.

‘Disappearing Messages’ provides quick and easy links for contextually entering into the relevant app. The best example of it is Wut, which provides notifications in the completely non-intrusive way and freedom to users deciding to go to the app or not for details.

How App Notifications Bliss Startup Founders?

With the right mindset, startup founders and product managers can leverage the app notification feature the most and it is treating notifications as the core of app strategy rather than an afterthought.

Many experts assume that app will design in cards and those are location ambivalent. It means appearing the same on any device form. It will act as publishing system rather than a destination.

The following hints can change the scenario of your app success using blessings of the enhanced push notification technologies through your app.

Improving Receiving Rate of App Notification

The permission system for notification in Android ecosystem is app-friendly and allows app notification broadcasts by default. The same is not true in the case of the iOS ecosystem. In iOS, user experiences are at the center, and each app has to ask for permissions on various stages right from installations to push different degree of app notifications.

Therefore, almost 59% users on Android devices have enabled push notifications while only 46% users found on iOS devices. However, convincing users to enable app notifications depends on many things including gentle but effective efforts.

For instance, ‘Periscope’ app does the same job by describing what types of notifications a user will receive on the device from the app, and what benefits it offers.

Make App Notification Engaging & Relevant

The app notification success formula involves user experiences at center, so it is imperative to consider following things first while designing app notifications.

  • Set notification frequency judiciously so you can avoid annoyance for your users yet can deliver notifications effectively.
  • Keep the length of notifications short & sweet to remain and convenient.
  • Sent messages at the right time by factoring in time zones. Time sensitivity and time contexts are vital in some kinds of notifications.
  • Keep balance in numbers so you can avoid overwhelming the users.
  • Keep relevancy of messages at center so you will not lose appropriateness at all.

Interactive Notification Optimization

Personalization tactics like the creation of user persona can work beautifully in the optimization of interactive notifications. It can heighten the user experiences at a new level and make notification a successful campaign.

Ship Real Value with Each Notification

Create a message that users can consider worth to read. Adding value in the notification tempts users to pay attention and interact with it. Marketing incentives also work in this case and provide better results than the plain alerts or messages.

Personalization Matters More

So, you can use available personal data of users and go for intensive personalization while addressing them as well as delivering content and marketing incentives.

Be Local

Use local languages and symbols to woo the local customers so you can cover most of your target audience. You can set up regional preferences, data & time, and languages for each region of your targeted audience.


We are on the verse of app notification revolution, and right strategies along with high-quality app development and push notification campaigns let us win the market easily and assure app success in long run.

In due course, you must look for a competent app development team which has traversed the water of app notification development prior to your project and attained noteworthy success. If you are unable to find a right match for your competent mobile app development team, SysBunny is ready to help startup founders and product managers to leverage the most out of app notification development.

Hemant Parmar is a veteran mobile app consultant. He is co-founder of the company. Thanks to his prolonged exposure to mobile application development projects for myriads of niches and industries, he is capable of providing high-end mobile app development consultancy. He is devoted to providing honest and transparent consultancy services for clienteles looking for righteous guidance to augment their niche services/products using the latest mobile technologies.

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