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The world of the Internet is full of tips and tactics describing app promotion, but implementing in 2018 is different and difficult to find. Therefore, the current post would be a milestone to get good but basic tips and advanced knowledge of app marketing that is prevalent and relevant in present contexts.


Mobiles are in-thing and used wildly. Mobile apps are flooding in the various marketplaces posing stiff competitions for the app startups or established app entrepreneurs. Therefore, app success is daunting if not impossible.

In early days of the mobile era, app developers were creating a fascinating mobile app with an innovative idea, excellent user experiences, complete usability, and awesome performance. Perhaps, these all were proving a recipe for app success.

At that time, word-of-mouth (viral) marketing was a sure fire way to achieve app success in the market and ranking on App Stores was a big factor to boost the revenue and popularity of the app as well.

Just like other commodities, laws of the market (Marketing) started working on the mobile app like software and marketers have new opportunity to jump on an emerging platform. The Internet marketers or the web marketers have easy ingress in the app marketing niche because most of the Internet marketing techniques were working in the app promotion or marketing.

If you are an app entrepreneur or app startup and eyeing for mobile app development to see your dream app idea converting into a tangible app reality, the current post may add some values in your endeavor as well as help your app developers and marketers to keep pace with current trends in 2018.

Let me place some delicious tips on the table to promote your mobile app for 2018 and beyond.

#1 – Create a Fascinating Landing Page/Website

However, app marketing begins right from the beginning of app development process. App marketers have golden-opportunities to create an early buzz of the upcoming app during the app development stage when you have almost finalized the app features and functions in design and programming documents.

Today creating a single page website with parallax scrolling is easy, quick, and affordable option to create a fascinating landing page. You can create early buzz for your app by describing its usefulness, features, and functionality with some screenshots taken during the development stage and engage your prospective end-users in advance.

You can do SEO or Internet marketing of your landing page and get the attention of a big crowd even just before an actual release of the app and during the post-release.

#2 – Optimize for App Marketplaces

Getting good rank in the respective marketplace is equally significant to do other marketing activities. The app marketplace is the first door of opportunities that you have to open it by employing various optimization techniques and tools.

Each app marketplace is unique in nature and operating with unique rules and regulations. They used to issue guidelines and documents for the best practices right from designing, programming, testing, and even deployment to get instant approvals by creating the app products as per their expectations and quality credentials.

Apart from the roles of designers, developers, and QA team, marketers have to do a lot to get ranking in the app stores. For instance,

  • Research the right keywords and give the name of your app consists the main keyword.
  • Write app description as per the guidelines of the app marketplace infusing the rests business keywords or LSI keywords naturally.
  • Optimize the content for human readers rather than app search engines because today most of the search engines behave like humans!
  • Include contextually relevant screenshots of your app screens to convince and impress your app marketplace page visitors.
  • If the video is permitted in the stores, don’t miss it to leverage it.
  • Beware of rating and reviews placed on the marketplaces and attend grievances of app users who have expressed it honestly. Run reputation management campaign when anything goes wrong, and when competitors run negative campaigns.

#3 – Content Marketing

Content is king everywhere and leveraging its power can devote your app success. The best way is to write on-page and off-page content for your landing page and your app. The best ways of content marketing are:

Write Blogs

Unlike professional articles, blogs are providing opportunities to address your audience in personalized ways. You can take help of WordPress platform to create and integrate a blog with your landing page website and interlink them to draw traffic.

Another Internet marketing technique is to write guest blogs to get traffic and quality links from the other quality blogs. Blogging also provides you an opportunity to interact with your targeted audience directly, and in real-time too if you have all the latest features and functionality installed on your blogs like comments and analytics.

You can write content that can inform your audience various features and possible use-cases of your app. You can invite suggestions and start a discussion on various topics related to your app and its goals. It is an art to create engaging and informative content that your audience love to read, consume, and take actions on it.

It is the best winning policy and activity of your promotional campaigns for your app.

Write PR

The press release is another way to broadcast your app events and opportunity for content marketing. You can create pre-release buzz, post-release buzz, and leverage other occasions related to your app. Write professional and engaging press releases according to the publishing platforms.

Write Reviews

There are many review sites available that allow review is writing for software niches where you can publish your app reviews. You can take help of professional content writers to be the most effective. Another type of a review site is that, which invite product/app users to write their experiences with products/apps. Those sites are generating user content and provide you the opportunity to get rating and reviews of your app by encouraging your app users to write positive reviews.

#4 – Paid Ads

The advertisement is another way to reach your target audience quickly and easily but demands some budget for it. Ads are of different types:

Search Engine Ads

Various search engines like Google and Bing, which are providing a platform for paid ads through various schemes like PPC and CPC to catch the attention of the relevant audience. Your ads will appear on SERPs and send you traffic when you have written right content and design properly.

Social Media Ads

Now, social media is abuzz and capable of sending you the most relevant and converting audience. Social ads are quite different from the search engine ads and let you target your audience demographics or geographic basis. It rewards you high.

Interacting with social media audience is another art, and you can grab the opportunity to create a big reputation with your audience with transparency and honesty, no marketing pitches.

In-app Ads

With the advent of technologies, we can go for ads in the app itself. There are known and popular platforms to place your ads in apps with highly relevant content. Prepare content for in-app ads by taking help of professional content writers.

#5 – Email Marketing

Among the various digital marketing techniques, email marketing is considered one of the most efficient and viable old technique that still relevant and working equally well. You can collect the email list of your targeted audience through your landing page for the app or other organic and legitimate ways.

Write inspiring copy for emails, infuse relevant images or videos using various ready to use email template or leverage features of email platforms like MailChimp to create robust emails, post them, and track the success of the entire campaign.

#6 – Marketing Incentives

Marketing campaign without any incentive almost fails. Therefore, define a strategy for marketing incentives like:


Everyone loves gifts and consider an award for their participation and efforts or spending on a platform from where they receive it. For an eCommerce app, you can offer free products or other gift items on a certain amount of purchases. For gaming apps, you can offer tangible and non-tangible gifts on the achievement of levels or winning a game.


Voucher is a promise to get something in the exchange of that receipt, be it a product, money, or something else. You can offer e-vouchers/coupons for your app users through various ways like clicking on an ad or downloading the app through their referrals.


To incentivize your audience to use your app more or purchase more products through your app, you can offer discounts in percentage or as a certain amount. There are various techniques to implement discounts like vouchers, QR code, barcode, and text/numeric code.

Gift Cards

It is one of the latest marketing technique that used widely during holiday seasons to buying and sending gifts through a digital card generating system called Gift Cards. Unlike other cards used on various occasions, digital gift cards are ever-green and used in almost all occasions and celebration by customizing it.

Digital Gift cards allow the user to attach a custom message, images, and branding elements to make it a powerful marketing tools. Therefore, gift cards have achieved tremendous growth in recent years and a big share in gift market creating spikes during various holidays and seasons.

You can apply gift card marketing techniques for your app too and offer in-app gift card offer as well as generate gift cards to use on various occasions to boost selling of apps.


The current post is a concise version of app marketing techniques and gives just a tip of the iceberg. If you crave for more, contact the app marketing team at SysBunny – an experienced mobile app development company. The team of mobile app developers and marketers have achieved a big milestone in app success for its patrons across the globe and coming from the diverse industry.

Place your app idea in front of our team and start brainstorming over it to transform into tangible and viable app product that sells more and get the highest returns.  
Hemant Parmar is a veteran mobile app consultant. He is co-founder of the company. Thanks to his prolonged exposure to mobile application development projects for myriads of niches and industries, he is capable of providing high-end mobile app development consultancy. He is devoted to providing honest and transparent consultancy services for clienteles looking for righteous guidance to augment their niche services/products using the latest mobile technologies.
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